GWIA | Access Control | Settings. Have a named Class of Service with 2 users. SMTP - prevent outgoing messages. Added an over 800 emails to the exception list. Users in this class can still email outside of the exception list.

Running on SLES 11 SP3 in a VM. GroupWise 8.03 HP5 is clustered within the VM environment, domain on separate shared HD, GWIA is part of the GroupWise cluster domain resource.

We will be upgrading to Gw2012 then to GW2014 in the near future

Don't know when the prevent outgoing messages with the exception list was last working.

If the 2 users are removed from the named Class of service, they are prevented from all outgoing email. Need to have the users be allowed the exception list and not be allowed to email anyone else.

I can save the exception list to a txt file. Is there a way to bulk load the exception list so I can try 50 to 100 at a time?

But why is the prevent outgoing normally followed but this named Class of service exception list not followed?

Any idea, suggestions, comments?

Have a good day.