arekmacak;262824 Wrote:
> Hi,
> Have you checked real disk usage, when Sentinel shows 100%, that mean
> it's 100% from assigned storage. Please check first real disk usage and
> in next step check disk usage by 3rdparty soft.
> AM

Hi Sir,

Yes, as for now my disk usage "df -h" is full. We have plan to extend
the disk space for primary storage using third-party. But eventually the
issue still not resolve it will happen again, when primary disk reach it
threshold with new space. We try not to play with retention period. We
try to utilize the feature that sentinel provide, as it have feature to
move data to secondary storage when threshold reach.

If there is misconfiguration , let me know. As same configuration we
apply to our test environment version sentinel 7.3, no issue happen.

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