We're looking to remint our CA.
Now we have established that the reminted certs are SHA256 we will just continue with internal i.e. Just "Remint CA", which in turn goes off and remints the server certificates.

The issue we have encountered in our test environment is the subject name.
The process seems to use the zcm hostname, but our servers just show the stub name i.e. not the fqdn, so we end up with certificates with just the server name. i.e. server not server.domainname.com

Is there a way to edit/add the primary domain name to the servers hostname in ZCM? (for ref these are WS2008R2, members of AD domain, so clearly have a primary dns)

I'm guessing we could add the dns as "Additional DNS Names" within the servers infrastructure management settings, and then check the box "Include any additional DNS names for each server" during the remint but this seems a bit silly/redundant as this is the "Primary DNS" of the server...

We'll probably try this is test to confirm behaviour but interested in anyones thoughts or other suggestions