Since upgrading last week from 11.3.2ftf1 to 11.4 I have random users
reporting that they are getting the "zenworks has applied new policies
logging off in 300 seconds" message. And it is happening multiple times over
the week to some of the same users. The target computers are still on agent
11.3.2ftf1. Win764bit pro. I have not touched the policies in months. these
particular two user have two errors in the message log at 7:10 AM one and
7:48 for the other "an internal error occurred while enforcing the "dynamic
local user policy Admin(1) policy" and also "the action dlu policy failed
due to the reason : failedtoenforcethepolicy, however the action is set to
continue on failure" Now these users were not forced to log off until about
three hours after the initial message which I believe is during the first
turn on of the systems in the morning. And the other thing is I don’t have a
DLU named this way with the (1) in it. Mine is just named "Dynamic local
user policy Admin". the policy is assigned to all of my devices. not the
user. not sure where to start the troubleshooting.