today a customer provided me an eDirectory Server to test a new IDM

The server was a clone of from an productive server running edir
on SLES. BTW: The server was running DSfW as well.

So far so good - installing the changelog and starting the driver was no
problem, but after I found some errors in the IDM trace I connected to
the server with DS Studio and found some strange things

1) Some Attributes were not provided by their name but by their OID this

2) Those attributes listed under 1) show each value twice! Even if I add
an other givenName (Which is working) I see the value twice; but with
the OID as a name.
The double values are provided by other attributes as well, which
are displayed by their real Name sometimes.

3) It is not possible through LDAP to set the loginExpirationTime. But
if an object comes with a value for this attribute it can be changed.

I did all tests with Apache DS Studio!

For sure I can continue testing, but I do think that those problems
should be solved.

I am not experienced in DSfW so maybe someone can tell me that this
issues are there because of DSfW!

Since it is only a testing system I might not open en SR - but maybe
someone here can provide some help, before I ask the customer to provide
a new server!!!

Thanks !


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