jacmarpet;262837 Wrote:
> - Exchange management shell not installed - Is installed
> - Service not running - Running
> - Service not running with the correct credentials - Is running as
> service user
> - Service user missing rights - Running as service user with all rights,
> can run command without problems when logged in as this user
> - Firewall with dpi filtering out some packets (not blocking the whole
> connection though) - Firewall turned completely off
> And finally (although I hope this was fixed):
> -No Exchange mail server in the same site as the remote loader server
> ->Therefore causing the search to fail... - I would think this is not
> the problem, since I can run the command manually from the member server
> and it finds the Exchange servers without problems.
> Support is waiting for global support to answer.

The way the Management Shell searches a mailbox server is not the way
the NetIQ Service does this.
In our case running the management shell by hand worked completely fine
however the service wouldn't work.

Just for testing purposes you might consider configuring one mailbox
server in the same site as your remote loader (a /32 subnet is

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