The Office 365 driver shim is doing some odd stuff here.

(and yes I am aware that the LitigationHoldDuration is not listed as one of the attributes supported by the latest O365 driver schema)

DirXML: [12.04.15 08:31:43.519]: TRACE:
<nds dtdversion="4.0" ndsversion="8.x">
<product edition="Advanced" version="">DirXML</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<modify class-name="MSolUser" event-id="0">
<modify-attr attr-name="LitigationHoldEnabled">
<remove-all-values />
<value type="state">true</value>
<modify-attr attr-name="LitigationHoldDuration">
<remove-all-values />
<value type="int">60</value>
DirXML: [12.04.15 08:31:43.628]: TRACE: SUB: get-pssession
DirXML: [12.04.15 08:31:43.628]: TRACE: : Set-MailBox -LitigationHoldEnabled $true -LitigationHoldDuration ',60' -Identity '8c1ccaf3-cb18-4c77-adbb-1fc3f4180412'
DirXML: [12.04.15 08:31:44.315]: TRACE: PUB: Begining Group Poll
DirXML: [12.04.15 08:31:44.486]: TRACE: PUB: Begining Group SG-location-112
DirXML: [12.04.15 08:31:44.486]: TRACE: PUB: In Construct Cache
DirXML: [12.04.15 08:31:44.517]: TRACE: PUB: End Construct Cache
DirXML: [12.04.15 08:31:44.517]: TRACE: PUB: Ending Group Poll
DirXML: [12.04.15 08:31:44.517]: TRACE: PUB: Publisher poll ends. Waiting out polling interval before next attempt.
DirXML: [12.04.15 08:31:44.861]: TRACE: : Cannot process argument transformation on parameter 'LitigationHoldDuration'. Cannot convert value ",60" to type "Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Unlimited`1[Microsoft.Exchange.Data.EnhancedTimeSpan]". Error: "String was not recognized as a valid TimeSpan."
DirXML: [12.04.15 08:31:44.861]: TRACE: Remote Loader: SubscriptionShim.execute() returned:
DirXML: [12.04.15 08:31:44.861]: TRACE:

Why does the shim stick a comma before the value?
I've tested with type=int and type=string any other ideas?