Running IDM 4.5 with SAP HR driver configured for future dated
processing to be handled by driver. We have the driver running and
processing IDOCS without any issue. The .futr, .warn and .done files
are all creating and processing for the most part without any issues.
However, in the course of events we became curious about how the driver
does things with the IDOC files in the background. So below are some
questions that we are just trying to understand how the driver works and
how we can expect to see data in the processed files.

1. If we have an IDOC with future dated transactions mixed with current
date transactions; i.e. a new hire user effective today and a new hire
user effective tomorrow, is it possible for the future dated transaction
to end up in both a .futr file and a .warn file when the original IDOC
is processed and if so, how/why?

2. When processing an IDOC with multiple transactions we saw where some
transactions encountered an issue of some type and a .warn file was
created. When we looked in the .warn file we saw data for transactions
that were processed successfully also included. The thing that caught
our attention is that there were other transactions in that same source
IDOC that also processed successfully that were not in the .warn file.
Why would some transactions end up in the .warn file and not others when
both were successfully processed? I guess what I'm asking, is what
causes a transaction to go into the .warn file, especially if the
transaction was successfully processed by the driver. I want to better
understand the background processing that makes that determination.

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