Hi there!
I'm having a problem when reading an appointment from the groupwise server (GW 2014). We are trying to connect a java client, and save some info about these appointments in a database. When I create an appointment using sendItemRequest I get back an ID, which is stored in the database

i.e. 5665C21F.MyDomain.MyPO.100.1776267.1...yDo main.MyPO.

But when I ask the server for a group of appointments from the server using getItemsRequest, I get back a different ID

i.e 5665C21F.MyDomain.MyPO.100.1776267.1...yDo main.MyPO.

Since we are using the ID to access the appointment, subsequent calls fail to find this through the original ID that was stored on creation. Is this normal? Should I discard the container information and access the appointment by its ID?

Any help would be really useful, many thanks!!