We have a site with GroupWise client 14.02 and have an issue where two or three users are reporting a bad data error 8c03 when trying to open email. This is particularly the case (but not always) when trying to open pdf attachments. If we try and open the attachment we get 8e03 Bad Data. If we try to save the attachment we get “A file copy error has occurred. Make sure that you have access rights to the file or directory.” If I forward the email and its attachment to another internal user I get the same errors.
The weird thing though, is that if I forward the same email and attachment to an external address at another site (also GW2014) the attachment opens and saves just fine.
If I then re-forward that same email and attachment back to the original user, they can then open and or save the attachment without error. If I send a completely different email and different attachment from an external address to an affected user then things all work as expected.
I’m not sure what I should be trying to get to the bottom of this. I’ve checked in GW Administration and the client/server box is ticked. Has anyone else seen/fixed this?