On 12/9/2015 1:56 PM, pattontj wrote:
> When I add users to the "ReportUsers" groups, the only item that those
> users appear to be able to access is the "Stored Reports" section of the
> NFR webportal. However, in most cases, if we want users to have access
> to the reports, we also want them to be able to build their own reports,
> and run the reports as required. We'd also ideally like them to have
> the ability to look at the "Folder Summary" page
> Is there any way to grant the "ReportUsers" group this additional
> access, while still preventing them from using any of the other
> tabs/pages within NFR?
> Thanks,
> Tim


At this time, there's no way to grant more granular permissions;
however, that's in our feature backlog. (We don't have an ETA for that
feature, unfortunately, but we definitely want NFR to get there!)


-- NFMS Support Team