One of our client is using SSPR qhich they have defined 4 steps for
forget password settings. But due to some issue, after entering Captcha,
user is not able to mover further and it takes sometime to checking the
re-captcha again. Followings are step for replicating the issue
Step 1: User tries to login in 'abc.com/login' (http://abc.com/login).
Step 2: On this page, we have link forgotten password which is clicked
by user again.
Step 3: User land on sspr page which has 4 step process. 1. Enter the
captcha, 2 Enter username, 3 verification, 4 Reset password
Step 4: On Enter the captcha page, sometime user get stuck after
entering the captcha and use is not able to move to next step.

NOTE: This happens randomly and it takes while to start from Enter the
Captcha again for resetting the password. Issue is only at Enter The
Captcha page which doesnt allow to move to next step & it takes while
to move in the next step.

I've checked all possible logs from SSPR but no success.

One of the possible reason might be, I'm just guessing, that when many
requests goes to google captcha service from same key, it might stop due
to threshold allocation for verification or might be security reason if
same user is submitting correct captcha number of time which become

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