I have configured the logout url in SSPR to be:

When I choose the logout from the SSPR page, it works.

When I choose to logout from landing or IDMProv it gives a SSPR error

SSPR 5075


I have tried to add a URL to the SSPR redirect whitelist with no
success, still get this error.

Any ideas on syntax I would need on the whitelist?

Any idea on why it would be taking me to sspr/public/Logout? initially?
Why wouldn't it take me to the /osp based logout URL?

Not sure where else to make a config change for OSP, UA or SSPR.

using an IDP for the authentication. Without the logout URL, the logout
would automatically relogin the user. Any ideas on how to redirect a
user to a page that indicates that they should close their browser
window upon logout, as well as force a logout? If a user was to use this
from a shared workstation, and didn't close out their browser, anybody
could have access to the system if the session tokens haven't expired.

I don't see an option in configupdate for a logout URL.


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