RHEL 6.5
eDirectory (binary version 20804.05)
iManager version
User App driver version: 0.20141007.205046

Workflow Administration -> Workflows
Error reported when attempting to login to workflow server.
Error: Workflow - Error
The version of Identity Manager associated with this User Application
driver (Could not be determined) is not supported by the version of
Identity Manager this plug-in was built for (Could not be determined).

This plug-in was working previously. Same setup in another environment
works correctly. No errors reported in catalina.out. Can not find any
documentation for "Workflow Administration" plug-in. Compared .jar
files in ../iManager/nps/WEB-INF/lib/afadmin.jar (not sure if this is
the right .jar because of lack of any documentation) to working instance
and found no differences.

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