We have a new IDM 4.5.2 instance using OSP, SSPR (latest version) and
User Application. We have configured all of the URLs in the User App
configupdate utility in accordance to the documentation as best as we
can tell. User App loads fine. When we go to the URL we get the login
page and are able to authenticate without issue. Using the workflow
forms all works well. Where things go sideways is when we click the
logout button in User App. The logout redirect URL in
ism-configuration.properties points to OSP but then there is some other
redirection within OSP that is happening and redirecting us to SSPR.
When that happens we get the following error:

SSPR 5075

The requested redirect url is not permitted.

the URL in the browser shows as: http://<Server

User App bounces to OSP and OSP bounces to SSPR and the end-user gets
this very unfriendly error.

I don't want users logging out of UA to go to SSPR, especially if it
gives an error page. Is there a way to just have it redirect users back
to the UA landing page/login page or some other URL of my choosing (like
a corporate home page)?

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