in previous versions of the reporting module the branding of the reports
could be changed quite simple by changing a couple of property files in
the "Template" Report.

Unfortunately the old procedure seams not not work in my environment.
What I did was getting the
"Header-Footer-Template---NetIQ-Identity-Manager_4.5.0.0" report
I extracted it and modified the header.properties files under
I put a new logo in the same path and used iReport designer to modify
the footer.jrxml to use the new logo.

After successfully building the report template I imported it to the
reporting server making sure I ticked "overwrite existing".

When running a new report I can see the new logo in the footer, but the
header is not changed.

Can anybody wride my what I missed? I am pretty shure that in former
versions this procedure was working!

Thanks !

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