Hi all,

Perhaps easy, but still learning.
my customer has a number of external user that should be able to login
to a internal webb resource that soon will be SAML enabled with Access
Manager as IDP.
The external users all have accounts in a external IDP and they SSO to
multiple resources and now my customer wants to use those accounts to
login to the internal webb app
Is it possible to have external users -->webb app -->saml request to
Access Manager -->saml proxy to external IDP? and if what happens to
internal users that wants to connect to webb app and have saml to Access
manager only. Is there a way to first lookup internally and then send
the request to external IDP

Or can you use the the saml ticket that external users already bring
with them when they connect to webb app (As I got it explain to me the
do there initial login to external IDP so Saml ticket might already be
there) and have access manager to verify that saml ticket?


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