Hi, I'm currently doing a level 3 course in Computer Networks (UK, Lvl 3
isn't really very high) and I'm currently experimenting with eDirectory
+ Novell Client and I'd like to know how to...

- Get a user to log on to an eDirectory server without entering local
credentials (defaulting to 'Computer User' and blank password.
- Map an SMB network drive (using a logon script?).

I have already managed to...

- Install eDirectory on a Windows Server 2003 R2.
- Install Novell Client and logon with Windows XP Professional.
- Install iManager and mess around with adding users.

I can't really find anything relevant on the KB or on these boards (it's
probably there but I can't find it).
Any kind suggestions or pointers in the right direction would be greatly
appreciated. It's not for any serious use, it's just me learning how all
the Novell/NetIQ stuff works :-)


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