I apologize for resurrecting an old thread but I'm having this exact
problem and can't find any other resources. Did you get this resolved?

Our scenario is similar: For simplicity sake lets say we have two Level
30 Roles (we'll call them Lvl30A, Lvl30B) that share two Level 10 Roles
(we'll call them Lvl10A and Lvl10B) containing independent Resources
with Entitlements (we'll call them ResA and ResB respectively). If I a
user has Lvl30A (with the nrfInheritedRoles of Lvl10A and Lvl10B, and
their respective nrfAssignedResources of ResA and ResB), All is well.
If I add Lvl30B the user will now have nrfAssignedRoles of Lvl30A and
Lvl30B, nrfInheritedRoles of Lvl10A and Lvl10B (with the correct
structured data specifying how they're assigned) the RnR driver will
kick off an approval PRD for the ResB of Lvl10B. Worse, if I remove
Lvl30A the RnR driver will revoke the ResB resource but KEEP THE Lvl10B

It's driving me bananas.

We're in the middle of an upgrade and have RBPM 4.5.2 installed, RRSD

Please help; I'm can not figure out what is happening.

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