Hi everyone!

Sorry fort he title but we are running out of ideas because our
environment is having strange unrelated issues and to start off, I'm
going to list our server versions and purpose:

M = Master
RO = Read only
They all have NDS and replicas

Server1 (M) 8.8 SP8 Binary Version: 20802.08
Server2 8.8 SP8 Binary Version: 20805.07
Server3 8.8 SP8 Binary Version: 20804.05
Server4 (RO) 8.8 SP7 Binary Version: 20703.00 (Fileshare)

Our biggest issue right now is that the non-masters are not replicating
correctly but they are all doing their job on time and we cannot see
anything wrong with them except the mis-match with our master in a few
places. The NDS on our fileshare also dropped for no reason today. We've
also got a user that cannot delete files in a folder since they just
comes back after a refresh.

We've already run a verification on the fileshare NDS and it showed no
I'm just throwing this out here to see if anyone have experienced
similar instability in the environment.

Kind regards

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