I've got an 8 core i7 hp elitebook8740w with 16 GB ram, SSD disk and all
(old machine, but adequate for my work)
That machine is running sled11sp3 with all patches.

I recently changed to Designer 4.5. I did not see the pattern right away,
but I have made the following observations

Designer runs, like it is supposed to
VMWare with a windows 7 machine, with about 6GB RAM, runs like it is
supposed to.

Here comes the interresting part.

Whenever both the virtual machine, and designer 4.5 runs at the same time,
the cpu utilization on the sled box goes to 100% for all 8 cores, and the
computer becomes unresponsive (cannot quit x with ctrl-alt-backspace, and
mouse does not work etc.)

I with tried both vmware 10 and 12.

Running designer 4.0.2 and vmware, does not give this experince (in other
words, it works).

I've got another, slightly older machine, on that one, running vmware and
designer at the same time os not a problem.

Can anyone here give a clue to what might be the issue?