I get about 100 errors when running ndsrepair -E. An example is below.

************************************************** ***************
Replica: .GW_BULLDOG.TechAdmin.WY 12-16-2015 04:48:16
Server: CN=wy-TechdnsSecDHCP.OU=TechAd... 12-16-2015 15:35:52 -618
Object: OU=CL1.OU=District.O=WY
************************************************** ********************************

Background: eDirectory 8.8 on all servers. I had two old Netware 6.5
servers that I was decommissioning and wanted to remove from the tree.
I removed all replicas from both of the servers and let them sit for a
few days to allow everything to sync. After a day all replicas synced
successfully and I received no errors when running ndsrepair -E. Once
this was done, I shut down both servers for a few days because I wanted
to see if anything else was using them before getting rid of them.
After a few days and no complaints from folks about something not
working I booted the one server back up. I went to nwconfig and started
the process of removing eDirectory from the server. Everything
completed successfully and eDirectory was removed from the server. I
restarted the server and verified that eDirectory was removed and it
was. I then went to my master replica server and ran a ndsrepair -E to
check the replica sync and had about 100 errors like the one above. I
let it sit for awhile thinking it just needed time but the number was
not going down after a few hours. It then dawned on me that I never
started back up the other Netware 6.5 server I was decommissioning
before starting the removal of eDirectory process on the first server
(the 2nd server did not have any replicas on it). Could that have
caused this issue? Does anyone know how I can resolve these errors and
get the replicas back in sync? Would repairing the local database help
or make things worse?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Network Administrator
West York Area School District

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