This latest release brings improvements and enhancements to our
analytics capabilities, the efficiency of responding to potential
threats, and our multi-tenant capabilities for the as-a-Service market.
Along with these enhancements we've also fixed numerous bugs, improved
performance, and extended our integration capabilities. The 7.4 release
makes it easier for our customers to detect and respond to issues in
their environment.

- *Improvements to Alert Workflow*: As part of our continuing
commitment to make threat response faster and more efficient, Sentinel
7.4 simplifies the process for converting alerts into full-fledged
- *Analytics to Detect When Things DON'T Happen*: In response to
customer requests, a new feature of our correlation engine lets
analysts create rules to watch for activity that should happen, but
- *Tighter Controls on Report Visibility*: At the request of our
Service Provider customers, we've extended the controls over how
permissions to report templates and report output are managed. This
feature allows for tight access control and flexible sharing of what
users can see.
- *Curated Threat Feed From Webroot*: Delivered as a plug-in (and
currently in preview), Sentinel now integrates with 'Webroot's
Brightcloud' ( appliance to deliver
high-quality, curated threat intelligence to support faster and more
accurate response to malware infestations and other threats.
- *Escalation to and Integration With External Systems*: NetIQ's Aegis
workflow engine provides extremely flexible business process
automation workflows with integration to third-party systems such as
Remedy and ServiceNow. Soon after the Sentinel 7.4 release, an Aegis
adapter will enable Sentinel alerts to trigger actions in external
- *Upgrades, Enhancements, Bugfixes and Performance Improvements*:
Aside from the great new features listed above, we've also released
many new and updated plug-ins, improved quality, and made improvements
to the performance of various system components.

Helpful Resources

- Download installers for a new Sentinel deployment here:
- Download patches for an existing Sentinel system here: or use the
appliance update process.
- Documentation is available here:

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