I've been running Zen in our small shop since version 1.0, but have only been running it as an 11sp4 appliance for 2 weeks. Three updates to ZCC 11sp4 shipped 12/14. I've read the Readme's and the forum posts and find no mention of how an appliance gets patched. The 11sp4 appliance and ZCC manuals imply it should be a more automated process than it was on a native SLES server.

a) If I go to the Novell Appliance Configuration >> Online Update page it appears we're registered with nu_novell.com, but if I force a refresh, there's nothing there. Should there be?

b) If not, should these three patches be installed using the Novell Appliance Configuration >> Field Patch mechanism (even though these aren't labeled as FTF)?

c) Or is the process the same as with a dedicated SLES box, by installing from the command line interface as outlined in the readme's for dedicated server hardware?

Thanks in advance.