In a workflow, in an integration activity.

I find it quite hard to change which URI the integraition activity is
pointing to.

There is a data item mapping, which I can change to be another soap
endpoint Envelope/@_serverUrl_ here, I can use a GCV, which mean, that I
thought that i could change the url.

That did not work.

If I "edit" the integration activity, and look at the input (top left
corner=, there is an "_serverUrl_" attribute. Which points to the URL of
the system i copied the workflow from. I cannot seem to get to edit that

My question is, can I copy a workflow from one system to another, and make
adjustments to which URL is called? (from time to time, the IDM url itself
changes from IDM to IDMProv, and default ports differ between versions,
and I thought I would be safe, if I just corrected the wsdl to point to
localhost, but on this new system, UA does not listen on localhost)