Well, here's a crummy situation: One of my telecommuters realized today
that an outdated global signature was being applied to her messages (we
only attach them to external mail, so no one in the office caught it).
So I updated her client and ran gwcheck (analyze/fix everything) on her
live and caching mailboxes.

The outdated global signature remains.

If I use a different machine, the correct global signature is appended.

Later today, when I can get access to her computer again, I will see
what happens if I use that machine, but switch the GW client to online mode.

But if the global signature is appended at the gwia, how can it matter
what client or machine the message originates from?

And how can I get this particular machine to pick up the current signature?

Of course this is one of the irascible users who will be very happy to
judge harshly and loudly if I can't fix this quickly.