my laptop was fde encypted and working well with 11.4 agent. Now I updated to the new 11.41. agent and all is fine and I get the message to reboot. After that the PBA pops up shortly and unknown partition type is showing. no PBA for login.
So I mounted the sda4 partition (the pba linux) into a live linux for digging.
I found a great bug in the agent:
While updating the agent to the new version, Novell has forgotten to download and update the DMI -Settings from the pba policy to the encrypted pc !!
My entries are missing in /etc/dmi.default.ini.
So pba boots the wrong kernel.
I edited this file and insert my missing entries.
After a reboot I get a pba message with a red stop sign and the message dmi.setting checksum is wrong - system halted.

Has anyone a solution for me?