thats not fine to hear update the mobility service _before_ you update
the groupwise system. I didnīt this read in Gw2014 R2 update docs, so I
run in this trap.

Because this couldnīt be a general error, whatīs about these who set up
a new GMS server with GW2014R2? So I started to update the GMS to 2014 R2.
a) sslcheck.pyc brings weird results testing the poaīs. I double checked
the settings in admin console: all agents were set to none ssl, even the
sslcheck reported some of them would be on ssl. Same issue as stated
here in the forum and so far I see not clearly resolved.
b) ignoring this the update runs fine, including update.sh

After reboot (kernel update) GMS admin console reports the groupwise
connector down and I canīt bring it up.

In my distress I set all agent to ssl enabled after creating an
certificate on the poa servers.
Same result with message:

error occured while starting the sync agent

error: ensure if the connector manager is running and the connectors.xml
configured correct


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