1) Is it possible to have a URL with a parameter injection that SSPR can
read? The parameter injection would include possibly the user's ID and
email. This helps automate the form filling so that user's aren't
guessing their data to reduce duplicate data or confusion. Assist in the
claiming process.

So someone would be directed to activate their account and their data
would auto be injected in as it is embedded in the URL that was crafted
specifically for them for their parameter information.

2) Is it possible to have a dynamic banner message to display based on
given on the life cycle of the user's provisioning, claiming, challenge
questions answered etc? So If a user is needing to claim their account,
they would have a banner that would introduce them to what they should
do on the page and the purpose for visiting the page, etc. So if they
have an ldap attribute with a given value, a given banner would


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