I'm trying to switch a few workstations from full Location Awareness to Location Awareness Lite (11.2.4) on an individual basis rather than for any container etc.

The documentation is not very specific, but indicates that when I make the change, the agent has to re-configure similar to installing, and then needs to reboot.

When I make the change in ZCC to LA Lite, nothing seems to happen at all on the workstation. The agent is a newly-installed 11.2.4 on a newly-imaged workstation, so all I'm doing is over-riding the defaults for that system, and applying it.

Purpose is to test a switch to LA Lite is that it is supposed to help with issues in Win8.1 where the system is blue-screening when the Zenworks 11.2.4 agent is added.

So how do I make the change "take", or how do I verify if it has changed? I've tried to apply this on two workstations, and neither seems to do anything to change it, despite refresh etc.