Hi all. So I've given up on the VA route considering my post hasn't got a response yet. Perhaps I'll reconsider if someone comes up with the magic answer, but for now I'm moving in a new direction. I'd like to build a new SLES 12 box and install ZENworks 11.4 on it, then migrate from my 11.3 VA. Problem is, I'm thinking it doesn't work that way. My understanding is that I'll have to follow these steps:

  • Build SLES 11 Box
  • Install ZENworks 11.3.2
  • Migrate from existing 11.3.2 VA to new SLES box.
  • Update to ZENworks 11.4.1
  • Build SLES 12 Box
  • Install ZENworks 11.4.1
  • Migrate to new SLES 12 box.

Is this really the process? I'm hoping I'm reading the documentation wrong. Someone please tell me I'm dumb and there's a better way.