Links to workflows from the much appreciated landing page.

I am very much enjoying my dictator role, and are configuring the
landing page for the users.

I have a thing, that someone might be ably to help me with.

The link to a workflow, seems to be like this one.{%22submit%22%3A%22submitThenOp ener%283000%29%22%2C%22cancel%22%3A%22window.close %28%29%22}&uid=cn%3Dfk+_create_user%2Ccn%3Drequest defs%2Ccn%3Dappconfig%2Ccn%3Dua01%2Ccn%3Didmdriver set01%2Cou%3Dsystem%2Co%3Dtop&aqua=true

When I paste that into a new element, it generates some sort of error on
the screen, unfortunately way to fast to read. I suppose this url is too

I made a tinyurl from it, and pasted that, and now users are able to
start the workflow directly from the landing page.

What I wonder is, are there a shorter version of the workflow's url,
that I do not know about?
If so, what is it, or, how do I find it.

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