Hi All,

I have following setup
Server 1:
Server 2:
Tomcat using by Userapp and osp
UserApp(including landing,IDMPROV)
Oracle database using by User App.
Server 3:
Postgres Database using by Access Review
tomcat using by AR
Access Review

Now my osp is working properly for the User
Applications(landing,IDMProv,rra etc.). I am using same osp for AR
authentication configuration. But unfortunately when I am trying to
login using bootstrap admin(aradmin) or
userappadmin(cn=uaadmin,ou=sa,o=data) It is giving error "No
authentication service configured".

As per the documentation I followed the following steps
1.copy adminuser.text from AR server to OSP server under osp
2.configured SSO clenent for Access Review from OSP sever using
3. export idv server certificate and import it to AR keystore.
4. export keystore from OSP and import to AR keystore.

Still this is not working. Please help me to understand what I am

Joydeep Mukherjee

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