ZCM 11.3.2. Windows 7 Pro SP1. As we have set to wake up all desktop computers on schedule in morning, today (and yesterday and some days before) I noticed that two computers were waked up, but ... at some point (probably during device refresh, I think) shut down. I took a look into Windows Events and saw ... " The process ZenworksWindowsService.exe has initiated the shutdown of computer <x> on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM". Odd. Yes, I have some bundles for regular shut down as well, but all those must be triggered on exact time and usually in the evening or by exact date/time (for holidays). Well, haven't set debug-logging, so can't see much from ZENworks Agent side on device.
One thing I noticed, though. Shut down in evening is set at 7.30 PM. Both users dismissed it yesterday (they have option to cancel, obviously). Is possible that somehow ... cancelled action is rescheduled or ... remain active somehow? Yesterday was in morning time shut down one of those todays computers and ... yes, user dismissed shutdown bundle day before, other computer was day before yesterday shut down before 7.30 shut down action triggered and weren't shut down in morning next morning. Some pattern.
I missed something?
More thanks, Alar.