After trying a few hours to figure out why my "Copy files" action from the
file server to the local drive was failing no matter what I tried, I finally
found the following note in the Novell online documentation: "ZENworks does
not support Windows Distributed File System (DFS) share".
Mapped drive didn't work and using the DFS UNC path failed has well. I had
to use the path of one specific server in the DFS for the copy action to
work, which basically kills the purpose of using DFS when it comes to
Zenworks (the bundles will stop working if the server is down).

I am using ZCM, would you know if DFS is also an issue with the
latest version of ZCM? If not, is there any plan to fix it?

Are you aware of the actual limitation of ZCM when it comes to DFS? Is it
just the "Copy files" action? What does "ZENworks does not support Windows
Distributed File System (DFS) share" really mean?

Thank you.