Hi there...

Our company is attempting to update our wide range of outdated Novell Client 2 SP3 clients to the latest Client 2 SP4 IR1. We have come across an issue where NCIOCTL.SYS will cause a BSOD when a network based file is right-clicked within Word 2013 or Excel 2013. This issue does not appear to occur in other applications (WordPad, Notepad), nor does it happen in the base Windows Explorer environment. Also, this may be related to server connections other than the "home directory" server; ie - the user network path does not have this issue, only shared group paths on other connecting servers.

This issue did not occur with SP3 IR 10, the other latest / greatest copy we have in the environment.

I tried to submit a bug report, but that page kept giving an error about an "email template not found", so I thought I'd try to post here for a possible solution, or to at least bring it up to the attention of someone who might be able to generate a fix in the next release.