Not a 100% sure it's a problem with a client but here's the story so far. A user reported not receiving e-mail from a partner but only from one user of theirs. He could receive e-mail from other users from the same partner. Contacted them, they ran some tests, everything comes our way. I can see from our logs as well that we receive the e-mail and it's transferred. Our other users(including our admins and me) receive e-mail from that specific user. There are no rules configured on his client relating with that address. This morning he reported that he can't receive e-mail from another user from our partner. Again everybody else from our end can receive the e-mails well. Have done post office checks, analyze/fix mailbox, structural rebuild. Weirdly no sign of those e-mails in his client. Just in case checked it from WebApp no sign of them there either. Analyze/fix came back with the CODE DESCRIPTION error which this time was in both uncorrectable errors and correctable errors. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Ian Altosaar