We updated the nrfRoleCategoryKey for some roles. When we tried to view
the roles in user application we got the permission index error
"Localized Exception :Permission Index search by dn anomalously returned
multiple results". Hence we followed the solution in the given link

We stopped Tomcat and cleaned up Permission index,temp folder as
mentioned in the above link. Afterwards we were not getting the
permission index error.

But, when we try to search for a role with role name, it is not getting
displayed and near to cross symbol we are getting message "Permission
index not finished initializing."

It is almost 2 hours after Tomcat restart, but still we get the message
"Permission index not finished initializing."

Please let us know how long it will take for initialization or is there
any short cut method to do the initialization manually.

For your info: We are using IDM 4.5.2 in Windows

Kindly advise.

Thanks in advance,

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