I create this discussion, because actually I have no idea where to search for my actual problem:
We have following setup / problem:
View 6.1 together with Novell DSfW and I know, it is not supported. (Our VMware case was closed in a few hoursJ).
Windows Server 2012 R2 for every component: Composer and vCenter on same Server

If we try to create linked clones (automated desktop pool - dynamic) after cloning the images (replica seems OK) and creating VMs in vCenter, the composer service crashes. I do not see any other log information (or I have not found them). I only see, that the composer service crashes. We have a Novell case open since months, but we're not making a lot of progress.
Maybe you have any inputs that make me go a bit forward.

There is not a statement from Novell/Microfocus what's going on with DSfW and highler Versions of compatibility of M- AD. Also an update to OES2015 will not help.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Kind Regards,