Looking at the docs on the 4.5 Web Services, Role, I see:


setLocalizedDescriptions sets the list of localized descriptions.

I have a stack (800) Roles I need to change the visible names.

We can use the setRoleLocalizedStrings to change the display name, and
using Fernando's excellent bash script extension it works simply.

But we also need to bulk update the descriptions, which the
setRoleLocalizedStrings function does not touch (as far as I can tell).

So I went looking through the Web Services reference, and found
setLocalizedDescriptions which seems perfect. But then I opened the 4.5
WSDL and cannot find this function in the Role, nor Resource, nor
Provisioning WSDLs.

Is this a no longer supported API call?
Is it ok to just LDAP bulk update the nrfLocalizedDescrs attribute in
the format XX~Value (where XX is language (en for english, etc)).

Or is there a way to use setRoleLocalizedStrings to set both that I am
not seeing?