I have a client I setup several years ago on OES11

He has since moved to a SLES based KVM Host - I have only "Played" with KVM
(Although I found KVM easier and Faster than Xen & Vmware - we have stuck with Xen so I need some help!)

SLES 11 Host runs
Windows 2008 Server - for his Accounts and CRM
OES11 SP3 (now SP4) with GW2012 SP4

He now wants a Bigger Server and needs to add Filr, Vibe and move to GW2014 R2 + Mobility R2 but wants to stick with KVM rather than move to Xen (or vmware)
looks like Filr is NOT available as a KVM VM?
is Filr supported on KVM ?

Anyone have any experience with KVM & Filr ?

any issues KVM & Filr?

Any help / pointers appreciated