Good morning folks.

So I've been using a script to deploy the old ZCM 11.2 agent during my MDT deployments and that had been working flawlessly up until we upgraded to 11.4. I'm positive it's not the script. What happens during the installation is that I lose network connectivity and have to end up rebooting the PC and then the application will install again and this time it works. This, however, is counter-intuitive considering the whole point about using MDT is so that we don't have to touch the PC's during the deployment phase. Here are the deductions I've made so far:

This only appears to be happening to laptops. There's only one application that we install on laptops that we don't install on desktops and that's the Citrix Access Gateway plug-in. This application installs a virtual adapter.

I'm going to attempt to have this installed after installing all other applications to see if this gets resolved. In the interim, has anyone encountered such a thing?