This hasn't been a huge issue, so I haven't actually tracked the versions, but I'll give what information I can.

Most should be Client 2 SP3, but not sure the release version. We've been putting IR10 on new installs, but most of the issues I have seen are older installs.

I get a report of drives not mapping. I can log in as myself and get my drives mapped, but ANY other use does NOT get any drive mappings. I haven't tried another admin user, but do know that mine is fine.

The only fix I have found so far is to uninstall/reinstall the client. If I try to just upgrade the client, I get the same result.

Once upgraded to Client 2 SP4 IR1, there are no issues with drive mappings.

We're running OES 11 SP3 and updated both servers in December to the latest updates. We did have this issue before the updates, so that's not the problem.

We have about a machine a week or every two weeks do this.