I am most decidedly NOT a fan of the new interface/function/format of the Zenworks Appliance. We just upgraded from 11.3.2 to 11.4.1. At least on 11.3.2, it was a mostly normal Linux install, with a lot of fuctionality still available. Starting with 11.4.0, that is all gone. Yes, I can still get to a terminal, but so many things are now MUCH more complicated than they used to be.

First and foremost, how in the blazes do I upload an image to the appliance? On 11.3.2, I had a Samba share set up, and could drag and drop various machine images we had made over to the server. Or, barring that, I could WinSCP to the server and upload/download/delete images that way. It seems that ALL of that functionality is now gone as of 11.4.. Yes I can use file explorer to upload images, but it balks at me every time a file is over 4GB (over 90% of our images) and refuses to upload the image. I also seemingly cannot WinSCP to the appliance anymore, so I can't even do it that way. Is there a workaround? I hope so, because if not, this is an epic FAIL by Novell.