I have ZCM 11.4.1 running on a single ZCM linux appliance serving 5 or 10 PCs or so on a LAN at this time. When I try to push out an agent update to a Windows WS through the Windows proxy, it seems to take a long time. I queue up the job in the Configuration ~ System Updates screen then see it pending. I go to the Devices screen and run the quick task to refresh the device. At this point it appears to take maybe 10 to 15 minutes or so before the device starts doing the agent update. I don't know if something is hung up or what is happening.

What is the typical length of time it should take from the time I do a Quick Task refresh of a WS to the time that it will start to do the agent update?

Is there a log or logs on the Linux appliance and/or on the Windows WS that I can tail to see what is happening and make sure things are moving along?

Is there a way to shorten the time period it takes to do an update?