I thought that the Post 11 SP4 update Prereq was only required for servers. TID 7016896 says that it should be deployed to all primary servers and in the Configuration ~ System Updates ~ Available System Updates, the target column says servers only. However, after deploying it successfully to our single primary server and then applying 11.4.1 to the server successfully I then tried to push out the agent to a WS running agent version 11.2.4 and I get the error "The update failed because the pre-requisite update, (Post 11SP4 Update Prereq), was not available. Download the required update and retry."

After pushing the Post 11SP4 Update Prereq to the primary server, I had deleted it from the list of available system updates because I thought it was not needed any more. Is it in fact needed to be pushed out to all the WS as well before pushing out the 11.4.1 agent???