Hello all,

I am trying to push a registry key change to HKLM for the Legalnoticecaption and Legalnoticetext.

I have created a simple Windows Bundle - Install - RegEdit and Imported the keys. I have it set to install as System and the keys are set to create always.

I have assigned the bundle to a couple of systems; Distribution, on Event, Device Boot and checked the box to install immediately after distribution.

If the system is powered down completely and then powered on, the keys distribute and after a CTRL+ALT+DEL, the user is presented with the message and then they can click OK and then login.

If the user logs off or the computer is restarted, the next user will not be presented with the Legal Notice. If you shut the computer down completely and then power on, the key is distributed and the first user will get the notice.

Other things of note, we use DLU non-volatile for staff and volatile for students.

Any thoughts on this matter are greatly appreciated.


Steve D.