After having the strange audit database problem resolved we now have patced up our Zenworks zone to 11.4.1 and are starting to look at how it plays with Windows 10. Since laptops "took over" we merely use Zenworks as a means to provide self service to end users. We produce a wide range of bundles for installation of applications, applying settings and perform other small tasks. All of them are made available to our users via the start menu (Windows 7) where they all show up at the bottom as "ZEN-selfservice" and then a structure underneath categorizing the bundles. Easy for end users to browse and pick an application they want, easy for us to maintain. The structure builds itself simply by specifying the ZENworks explorer path, like "/ZEN-selfservice/Settings" on a bundle, and there it is to be found for everyone.
However, in Windows 10 our "ZEN-selfservice" object doesn't show up on the revised start menu. The bundles, however, all show up if I go for "All apps" -> "Novell ZENworks App". But here they are shown in alphabetical order with no structuring at all. And we have like 50 or more bundles available here.
I can find nothing in documentation about Windows 10 and its start menu. It can't be that the start menu assignment method is dropped, i hope? There is the ZENworks explorer of course, but it is really not a very smart way of providing stuff to users that expect things to be just like any laptop.
Am I missing something here?