according to AM 4.2 documentation (http://tinyurl.com/zws6q9e), the file
login.jsp controls the credential prompts and content.jsp controls what
is displayed on that area.

I backed up the file nidp_legacy.jsp and renamed the original file. I
then changed the newly named file to be the default login page in file
main.jsp. I only made minor changes as insturected on the manual

Everything else is working (logo changed etc.) but for some reason the
credential prompts disappeared completely. Retracing my steps and using
the original nidp_legacy.jsp doesn't help. The prompts are missing,
otherwise it looks like the original page.

What could be causing this? I suspected content.jsp but cannot make
heads or tails where this behaviour comes from. I haven't changed either
login.jsp and content.jsp at all. I figured they might be hidden or
somehow obscured but don't know how to verify this.

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