Hi guys

I could really need some help here.

Novell Client 2 SP4 on Windows 7 x64.

I have one Login Script in our eDirectory, which is applied via the containers (OUs) where users reside.

I'm pretty sure my problem doesn't have any server-side issues (such as permissions and such), let me tell you why:

Exactly the same login script for exatly the same eDirectory user runs on some machines, and on some it doesn't (at least not reliably). To simplify things, let's assume I got three types of computers: 1) fast 2) medium speed 3) slow
On the "fast" computers, the login script always runs.
On the "medium" computers, it almost always runs (maybe one login per month where it doesn't).
On the "slow" computers, it almost never runs (a guesstimate would be in 2 out of 100 logins).

Like I said, apart from their hardware, those computers are the same (even installed with the same image through ZenWorks imaging, really, only difference are the drivers I added).

I hope you get why I assume this must be a timing issue of some sort, I just guess on the slow computers the Novell Client runs into a timeout after trying to execute the script and then just doesn't.

Being an admin rather new to Novell, maybe you can help me out a bit with a few things:

1) Where would I find the logs relevant to login scripts and possible errors? I looked into the Windows event log and the folders where the Novell Client is installed, but I found nothing. Maybe I have to enable logging first?

2) Are there any (preferably registry-configurable) ways of making the Novell Client more "patient" (in the sense of just making it wait for server connections and such instead of simply not executing scripts)?

3) Am I completely off the mark with my assumption? Maybe someone with more Novell experience could take a guess why a login script would run on some computers and not on others (repeat: same OS, same user, same server, same context, same OU, same loginscript, computers on same subnet, really, only difference is the computer's hardware).

Thanks a lot!